Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day to play and day to work

My selection for viewers choice...great use of fabric!  A Karen Stone pattern.

Yesterday I took a break from organizing and packing and went to a quilt show with some of my wool-ie buddies.
Susan Edmondson's booth...always bright and creative!
The show was up in Columbia S.C.  Oddly since it was a sweltering 100 degrees out being inside and looking at quilts seemed like a good thing!

Now I know it also sounds a bit crazy to be shopping when I am packing to move...

I didn't buy big stuff...
Some threads and neutrals from Shakerwoods Woolens
Mainly threads...

and a couple yards of Phillip Jacobs that will go well in Florida!

Today it is back to the to-do list!  We are having movers do the majority of the packing and moving.  After the last two moves however I decided that I will always pack and move my quilt collection myself.

If I pack a few each day then the van will be full Monday.

Of course I've been packing a few each day for weeks!

It is fun to unfold and look at each quilt before packing.  So you can see why this takes so long!

The other big project for the day...getting all the cat hair off of the rugs!

It is a nice sunny day with a bit of a breeze.  So good day for getting the fuzz off the rugs then roll them up before Goldie and roll all over them again!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Have to finish something!

Today I decided to sit at the sewing machine and sew for a bit.

 All this folding, organizing and packing was just wearing me out!

Also I was afraid that if I pack up this leader and ender project from two years ago that it would never be sewn together!  So after several hours I almost have a top!

Did go through some more boxes that leaves me shaking my head...

like this almost quilt top made from leftover/orphan blocks from my Baltimore Album quilt.  I think I took that class in 1993!  I think I'm going for a personal record with this....

Found boxes of 4-patches in reproduction fabric...

two patches in brights

and even the blocks from a Bonnie Hunter Mystery (this is only about 10 years old so not ready to finish yet!)

Monday, July 17, 2017

The things you find...

There is a lot of "stuff" in our house.  That said, we are making great progress in sorting and packing.

I have to keep an eye on my husband as he would toss anything that he doesn't immediately a box of block doesn't have value since it isn't a quilt! to keep and eye on him.
Been gathering lace and wool for this quilt for years and it almost went to the charity shop!

Of course I am guilty of trying to finally get rid of a box of record albums that we have hauled around at least 4 moves and never taken out of the box...but I told him I was doing it.  That is why the box is back in our hallway...he is "thinking about it."

But on the bright side I found some scraps of my favorite fabric that I thought was long, long gone....

I so wish they would reprint this Paris fabric!

On the other hand I found 3 yards of this superhero fabric!  What was I thinking?

I am also putting aside a few items for the American Quilt Study Auction at this year's seminar in New Hampshire.  Not sure yet if I will be able to go but I want to support the organization.  I've narrowed down the quilt donation to one of two: the red, white and blue rocky road to kansas in the photo above or the circa 1880 braid quilt below.

I also have a few books that will go up there and maybe some blocks...

first...a nap...

Friday, July 14, 2017


I hate to even think about it!  However it is true...we are moving to Florida in September.

For the past few weeks I've been supervising the packing and moving of things not going with us.  The folks at Catholics Charities and Salvation Army know my husband by name now.

(Of course in the middle of all this a friend gave me this quilt is coming with me!)

We did a first cut at culling the bookcases...imagine my surprise when I realized all our bookcases were double stacked!  Zikes!  I thought that only happened in my Quilt Studio...

The clearing part is almost over.  I sold a few pieces of furniture and some other "stuff" to lighten the load.  Have a few boxes packed to go to nieces and nephews.  After that I'm settling back to my sewing room while my husband tackles the garage!

We are having movers come in to do the actual pack-out and move.  I just don't want to move stuff down there that we will either not need or not use.  Sigh...

The most exciting news...Watson is now a therapy dog!  He finally passed obedience school and showed his three "skills": if I fall to the ground and do not move he howls to get attention; he will go find my husband on command (my husband has hearing problems so if I need help it isn't like I can just call him!  I have to send the small white dog) and finally when a beeper or alarm goes off he demands that either I or my husband goes to it.  It took us 3-1/2 years.  I think that may be as far as we can go with him!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Catching up...maybe!

These fabrics don't look like they belong in my stash...

well, they aren't mine.  I'm finishing a quilt for a friend who passed away a couple months ago.  The top is complete.  Luckily she told another friend that she wanted to piece a strip of these blocks up the I'm piecing the back today.

It is fun to work outside my comfort zone and since it is scrappy I'm happy.

My other "not-me" project is my guild's donation quilt.  We are making the Kaffe Fassett Anniversary quilt with the jars and bowls.  It was a kit.  Anytime you have a wide variety of folks stitching on one project putting the blocks together is an adventure.  Generally we cut the applique backing pieces really large so we can trim down.  With a kit there wasn't that option.  Luckily there is only a 1/2 variance on both width and height so we will only need to trim a activity best done with only one of two quilters and a very large pot of tea.

Funny story on this project.  A block was turned in as finished.  When I was pressing the blocks I noticed a needle still in the block.  When I pulled the needle I noticed there was thread still attached.  Then I noticed about 2 inches of the pot wasn't stitched down yet! projects...there is always something....

And while I am concentrating on the two projects above I am making some progress on the liberated leader and ender scrap reduction project.

Also sewed up 5 backings for tops that need to be quilted before the show in November...yikes!

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Victorian photo shoot

I used my week's allotment of energy to do a photo shoot of a fellow quilter's daughter.

A couple year's ago Amy made this dress as part of her Senior Project.  The dress was part of her discussion on why Home Economics should be brought back to the curriculum.

We took the photos out at the Aiken Visitor Center which is designed to look like an old train station.  It is next to railway track at the edge of downtown.

Amy did a great job modeling.

At some point I'm going to figure out a way to incorporate an antique quilt in one of these sessions!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Top finish!

If you need to make a quick baby quilt I highly recommend this pattern from Missouri Quilts.  Start to finish it took about 6 hours...maybe less since I was doing leaders and ender blocks in between.

I pulled some fabric last night to piece a background and with luck should quilt it up this month.  This is my "donation" for the guild silent auction table in November.
gardenia bushes in bloom and smell great!

The weather is hot and steamy here in Georgia.  Went outside this morning thinking I could drink my coffee in the garden!  Duh...bugs...bugs everywhere!  No wonder I have so many Dragonflies is like an all they can eat buffet!  Needless to say I had to get back in the house quickly and slather After-bite over both feet!
my rescue daylilly from last year came back fine!

Also caring for my sick, not 17 y.o Goldie but Dobby!  Brought him to the vet yesterday and they think he has asthma...His breathing is noisy and a bit labored at times.  He is grouchy...even more so than usual!  Hard to give TLC to a cat who can take your arm off!